Construction Systems’ Facility

Construction Systems’ plant is located in Maple Plain, Minnesota. The facility sits on 20 plus acres of land encompassing the various fabrication buildings with adequate storage for incoming and outgoing fabricated product. Our facilities are well lit and clean to maintain the best of accuracy on all our CNC equipment. The buildings have eleven over head cranes, a CNC automated drill line with mitering capabilities, a CNC robotic coper, along with thirty-eight welders, two hydraulic camber machines, five additional saws, and a CNC angle line, CNC paint line.

We use our specialized equipment to fabricate a variety of products that includes: structural steel, miscellaneous metals such as stairs, railings, as well as other specialized construction products including aluminum and stainless steel.

We utilize in house drafting via SDS2 to better output and control drawings for both design detailing as well as connection designs. We use Fabsuites systems for both production control and keeping track of incoming and outgoing shipping.

AISC Certified Fabricator
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