Condell Medical Facility

  • Location: Libertyville, Illinois
  • Weight of Steel: 2,672 tons
  • Contractor: Powers Construction
  • This 4-story addition was designed by PSA. The challenges were extreme. They included: High end AESS fabrication, canopies built out of multiple radiused elliptical dimensions out of high end AESS plate fabrication, an AESS entry way stair built completely out of tubes, and many hipped tube trusses built for this project.

The Condell Medical project required a personal hands on touch and a great amount of detail in both drafting and fabrication. The stair stringers were built out of plate into the shape of a sloping like tube section. The canopy columns and beams were all built of out similar plated, rolled, and twisted sections to create the extraordinary look in the stair and canopy they were looking for. These miscellaneous items truly stand out as a monument to enhance this medical facility. CSI’s shop personnel had to be extremely careful in their welding and shaping of these structures. The twists and turns prevented us from doing this through normal rolling processes. Full size mock ups had to be made for the architects to come see, to ensure that the product was correctly made. These multiple stairs and canopies are a tribute to CSI’s high level of fabrications skills.

Condell Medical Center 2